Cloudogu Eco­System Dev­Starter

The alternative on-premises toolchain for agile development teams

The Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter is a cost-effective and future-proof alternative to well-known development tools for project, knowledge, source code management and more. With our open source development stack around Easy Redmine, BlueSpice and SCM Manager, you will become independent from strategic decisions of tool providers. And best of all: DSGVO compliance is easier to ensure because all tools can simply be operated on-premises.

Independent and safe

DSGVO compliance

Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter tools have special functions that address the challenges of the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This makes it easier for you to comply with the GDPR.


Due to its architecture, the Cloudogu EcoSystem simplifies on-premises operations by unifying the installation and maintenance of the different tools. Gain full control over where your tools are run and who has access to them.

Open Source

Both the Cloudogu EcoSystem platform and the DevStarter tools are open source. This gives you full transparency, high security, easy auditing and avoidance of vendor lock-in.

The exact assistance you need

We assist you every step of the way — from consulting to implementation:

Requirements analysis and tool consulting

Licenses and support for all tools of the stack

Training for users and admins

Support for the migration from other commercially available tools

Integration of the stack into your existing tool landscape

What are your requirements?

Do you have questions about tools, migration support, integrations, consulting, licenses or training? Simply make an appointment with us and we will clarify these in a personal conversation.
Migration support
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Your contact person

Christopher Ganzorig

+49 531 23 52 89 36

Christopher Ganzorig

The tools at a glance

On-premises DevOps platform with the Cloudogu EcoSystem

With the Cloudogu EcoSystem, you gain long-term flexibility and freedom in tool selection. It allows you to expand your DevStarter toolchain with further tools and thus professionalize it even more.

Other components are:

Jenkins CI

Jenkins CI

Jenkins CI

Automate build and deployment jobs with this Continuous Integration Server.

Sonatype Nexus

Sonatype Nexus

Sonatype Nexus

Store and distribute software artefacts similar to a department store with this repository manager.




Perform automated code analysis to find bugs, code smells and security vulnerabilities.